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Sri Rajasekhar Veda Jyothishyam

Rajashekar is the best astrologer in India. He has practical experience of 21 years in Vedic Astrology, Astro numerology, gemstone analysis, graphology, vaasthu, Yantra therapy, prashna jyothisham, horoscope reading, face reading, and Rudraksha suggestion. His family is associated with many astrologers hence astrology comes to him very naturally.

He studied several books in astrology and understood that it’s a great science gifted by ancient maharishis and also he realized that it guided us to lead a better life by resolving our day-to-day problems. With that enthusiasm & interest, he entered into Vedic astrology at the age of 18 years.

 After researching for a decade, he invented a unique analysis of horoscopes from 5 angles Mantra, Ratnam, deeparadhana, devi devatha darshanam, and behavioral changes. So he became the “Top astrologer in Hyderabad”.

By utilizing this 5 angles concept everybody can resolve their problems like Health, education, job, marriage, children, job transfer, business, higher education, abroad travel, foreign settlement, debts, litigation, house, financial growth, peace of mind, career, kala sarpa dosha, eliminate/sade sati sani, Naga dosham and enlight their life to the fullest.

To lead a better life

Know your Positive and Negative Ruling Planets*. In each and every horoscope we find positive and negative ruling planets that decide the life of the individual and we will suggest some unique remedies to “Neutral” the effects of NEGATIVE planets.. So that all your major concerns will be addressed and you can get a prosperous life.

Specialist in Family horoscope analysis

Family astrology is about astrological analysis and prediction of whole family including parents and children. We will analyze the common issues that the family is facing as per their birth charts. So that we will get to know what are the Positive and negative RULING PLANETS to the entire family and we can suggest unique remedies to get rid of all critical issues. If any one of the family member’s horoscope is strong,the complete family can be safeguarded from any complicated situations.

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